Bringing Christ into your community.


Teaching the way to become a successfull, sober, honest, productive member of society by presenting CHRIST like values and guidance.


Re-Armor Homes has a strict guidelines for it's applicants:

  • No Drugs
  • No Alcohol
  • Be a positive member of your community by giving back.This Bill calls working for the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. You can do this in many ways, i.e. helping an elderly neighbor with yard work, pick up trash in the neighborhood, make a trip to the grocery store for a person who has no transportation, etc.


  • People will have an opertunity to one day own the homes there working on and each home we put two or more Disciple in is another Church like it was in the first days A.D.
  • Hourly Wage and weekly pay
  • Bible Study
  • Housing opportunities
  • Transportation to work, dental appointments, church, and suport group meetings e.g., AA and NA


Families are taken into consideration over individuals. If interested in help with housing contact Bill Hanson 651-888-0912.

This photo was taken when Bill
was walking alone. He was told
to pray to the FATHER in the
name of JESUS.



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