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Re-Armor Homes is a non-profit currently based in Ramsey County. We seek out and develop employment and housing opportunities for felons and other community members who find it difficult to find a job or a home due to their criminal background. Founded in Christianity and Community Uplift this organization projects nation-wide success.

We are a group of people from all areas of business who have faith that, when basic needs are met, anyone can change no matter their age, race or past crimes.

Donations are being accepted by check or PayPal. Please make checks payable to Re-Armor Homes and send to:

Re-Armor Homes c/o Lynnae M. Dunn
1500 McAndrews Rd W Suite 118
Burnsville, MN 55337


THE CHURCH: An Emergency Room for Frogtown

The 1885 church on Farrington Street has been out of use for three years, but is in the process of coming back to life. It is in need of maintenance as it has been neglected for 20-30 years. In spite of that, the church is very solid and in good shape. It is a treasure to find a church so architecturally intact for being over 100 years old. This Gothic Revival style church has remained untouched by vandals and re-modelers with its original stained-glass windows and pews still in place. "It will simply be called The Church," said Bill Hanson, a gentle redeemed ex-convict who bought the former Trinity Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Bill shared his vision of the church as being a triage center for people at risk and in need, stating that it would serve as a spiritual emergency room with 24/7 prayer and a ministry of healing. It would also become a base for practical needs such as food, clothing, and connections to existing shelter ministries. These needs will be supplied by churches, ministries, businesses, and individuals coming alongside.

Bill has a desire that this church follows the simplicity of the 1st century ministry of Jesus. He was homeless for two months and was tempted to fix his Harley and buy a home when provision came forth, but chose not to go with his own idea of security. He could not focus on his own house when he saw the church in ruins.

Sean and Josh feel led to help develop and build a holistic team of community support to meet the real and desperate needs in the community. It is their desire to engage churches and organizations both in Frogtown and nearby suburbs to collaborate together for creative lasting solutions. Morrissey Builders will be using their expertise to guide and help volunteers to ready the church for use in 2013.

515 Farrington St.
St. Paul, MN 55103


Felons recently released from Minnesota correctional facility who are on supervised release or have completed their sentance and other unemployable men and women.
People of any age, race, gender or religion committed to changing their lives for the better.
People willing to give back to their community.

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